Myrtle Beach Real Estate Radio Show With Blake Sloan 11-13-2020

This Week Blake Sloan Hosts His Weekly Radio Show On WRNN 99.5 FM Hot Talk Radio.

This Weeks Topics Are: Brand new market numbers! Single Family home sales were up 42% last month! Inventory was down over 50%! We are seeing an inventory crisis!  

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It's time for the experts dealing with the Grand Strand, but is the world featured in Forbes magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NBC and many other publications?

And now the expert of damage real estate show. Well, let me tell you the latest one coming up in mere seconds. In the meantime, let me give some contact information so that when you hear the show, you might want to get in touch with him again. Just call him at his office at Sloan Realty Group. The phone number here locally is eight four three eight eight four three eight zero eight OLB. You can go online to his website as well, which is about 30 minutes ago.

We're using it as a sign that you're good done. In the meantime, the show is like, good morning, everyone. Got an awesome, awesome show. Tons of great information, brand new stuff for everyone. And this is our thirty fifth straight week of growing a covert edition of this crazy 20 20. And this craziness continues. One of the things we'll talk about is the brand new market numbers from last month or last week. We had fresh off the thing, but the technology was not working right.

So I got that 40. And there's some shocking, shocking numbers, one of which is single family sales up over 40 percent last month versus same month last year, which is just huge, almost unfathomable. So we'll talk about that in the this week show. Interest rates kind of been all over the place a little bit. So they're doing great well as well. Another article just details how hard core New Yorkers, they call it, been fleeing the city for the south.

We've been talking about this for a few weeks, but it really kind of highlights what they're doing, what they're going to talk about that. But the South LA real estate markets have been absolutely blowing up. Our phones have been super busy since more lockdown measures have been announced. People just trying to get out of there. And it's been interesting. They're super motivated in that regard. We have actual data on how many people actually move during a pandemic.

We had that last week's list. Did not you have to have time to get to it, but a ton a ton of great information, some amazing, amazing success stories. Our team of twenty two properties on a contract last week absolutely crushing it. And that's in a time in November when things are not that usually fast paced and historic historically. So the bottom line is things are still moving like crazy. A lot of chaos going on, on the help.

You all get some information and some data to help make the best decision as we go into this winter time. All right. We're just getting started. A lot to get to, as you just heard from Jazmín in the 30 minutes. But if you just move in for the very first time, it was long before the real estate, Forbes magazine, Wall Street Journal, Real Time magazine and other publications seem to want to get that. Do you feel for the morning show, the endorsement?

You've heard of this very radio station from Barbara Corcoran, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Gary Locke and others put it all together. It's unprecedented now every week to find out a little bit more about the free market system that has brought home sellers and home buyers. I can't tell you all the details because, well, they're trademarked, but he'll get in touch with them and you'll be able to tell a little bit more. But like more than happy to tell you the most important part of this.

Yes. And I made that part of my mission for this show and for what we do to talk about this at least one little part each week, because there's so many horror stories that we hear we share with you a few weeks ago. And the reality is that consumers make huge mistakes consistently when it comes to real estate. I'm not sure what it's big ticket item. It's a lot of people's most largest assets for most people. And so they make a huge mistake of thinking that all rosacea the same right.

They treat them like a commodity, could not be further than true. Is not just buying corn or something like that. The reality is you're dealing with someone who's going to handle your largest asset. And so it's just like any doctor, any lawyer. If you're charged with a crime you did not commit, you don't want just any part time lawyer who maybe try a couple of cases in the past year. You want the absolute best who's committed to what they do full time.

And obviously they're very good at what they do. The same thing with doctor obviously diagnosed with something. You want a specialist who understands that type medicine, who obviously works full time. And so why would you accept anything less than that when you're talking about dealing with, for most people, the largest asset? And so the reality is the single most important variable that determines your failure or success as a home seller comes down to one thing, one thing only.

That thing is the agent you choose, period, was that well and selling your house at different variables from A to Z for each one correctly. Guess what that does? That puts more in your pocket. The property actually gets sold anything incorrectly, a.k.a. they drop the ball and that could be anything from how the property market rate, the quality of photos. Is it? Look at all on the order of the photos, the right photos in the right order.

Does the agent actually answer the phone when someone inquires about your property? How long does it take them to respond to a web lead online? There's all these variables, right, that's just on the front end, not to mention in negotiation and data and making the right decisions. So. Reality is what most agencies do or they're just doing the three piece one, they're basically promised and we'll get listening to their put it to the MLS and three, they pray that someone else brings a buyer.

Meanwhile, they're down the street. Try to get the next listing. Was that because they got to survive in the business? And that's just how it's been for years and years and years. I grew up kind of in the business. I've been in it since two thousand five. And so what we did is set out to do things much differently. And so we, first of all, identified every single variable. Most agents have no clue. They're just kind of winging it to see what happens next.

And so we identified one hundred eighteen different variables. What we did there is create a system that's proven and repeat what creates a maximum leverage, every single point for our client. So at the end, it gives them a huge competitive advantage. And so we control the variable through technology and people who were on our team to make sure we get a particular result on the back. And so we did that piece by piece. We call it like stacking the dominoes and you add that up over time.

And the one best example I found is if everyone running a marathon or they're just going to start, everyone takes off. At the same time, what you find is everyone tends to spread out something as two and three hours hit other people. It's the same exact thing we do with the marathon of your home. So in essence, we sprint that marathon with technology and people. And so the system we designed, it's called the guaranteed solar system exclusive to us, like Dave said, because I designed it, we do license to other ages of the parts of the country.

But what it does is basically it's only a proven system. Get home sold twice as fast and for up to 20 percent more money than traditional methods. And it works very, very, very well. Not just someone winging it while they see their pants in. The cool part is the system to process the advertising to get your success has already been put in place before you pick up that phone. And so that makes a big difference. So do not ever, ever gamble with your largest assets, right.

Especially your house or investment property. On the flip side of that, guess what? It's the same thing on the buyer side. There's a hundred plus variables that obviously if each one had incorrectly put on your pocket and you get the best deal of anything handle incorrectly, they drop the ball that cost you your hard earned money. We just did the recent numbers in our MLS, the average agent in our MLS, there's three point zero one homes per year to the amount of home sold divided by the amount of agents previous twelve months, three point zero one.

That's absolutely terrible from an average standpoint, right? You wouldn't want to get Lasik surgery from. A doctor has only done three, but people will still list their house with anyone. So you want to make sure you really get into the details on the Barsad. The system is called the unfair advantage. Home buying system is your priority. Access to foreclosures, distressed sales, desperate sellers, the absolute best negotiation and purchase price, as well as through home inspection all the way down to the closing table.

And so the bottom line while we bring that up is because so many people experience horror stories, because in essence, the average agent sells three homes a year. They're not that experienced. They're not that, I guess, engulfed in what's happening real time, especially in a marketplace like right now when things are moving faster than ever. A 40 plus percent increase in sales last month. Right. Your agent. But I know that because if not, they're going to leave a lot of money on the table.

And so do yourself and your friends and family of favors. Make sure you reach out to us first. We can explain that to you and show you the massive difference when agents are not always gets down to your bottom line.

All right. Sounds good. We got a lot to get to, including some of the biggest numbers that you need to know about. We've got an update on what's happening here locally, the real estate market. And after that, what are the rates right now? Are you going to be making more money, losing money? What are you going to be doing? You need to attack when you can and do it when it's right. And that's what will help you through.

Tell you what, that's all coming up in just as I can get in touch with my opponent in his office, eight four three eight eight four three eight zero eight, as if you were in the mortgage to make the most of your home again and again with some important advice. Look, I'm an active investor. I have bought and sold a lot of properties called moderate markets. And one of the lessons I have learned is this the agent that knows how to create the most demand for your home, if I needed to create in this market know what is only one real estate agent, I trust that I need to sell my home.

I'm talking about Sloan Sloan Realty Group, LP Services. The entire Myrtle Beach area attracts hundreds of buyers every week and sells a home on average every twenty four hours. I help you get multiple offers and sell your home for the most money possible from your home. Your home doesn't sell for the price and the when you agree to have a block of cash and any offer flexible fees which demand your home and demand right hand all the agent that creates the most demand.

Blake's loan today he sold at eight, sold online. I've flown dotcom and flown as a real estate investor. I love the show. I don't really know. The online agencies do so much business. I owe the most money. So, you know, it's on a different little bit more. So that's part my. And is answer to is real estate.

Coming up in just a second, we'll see what the result would be like this week. And it's always a huge number that you need to know about the numbers that could keep up with. And that's what the market is doing right now. Like nobody else knows the market. Yes, some nerve for numbers, man. That's a big thing. I study it. I live these things. I like watch it every day. But crazy, crazy numbers right now.

That's why I'll start with that first. And so if you look at the month, first month sales, so looking back obviously for November, the numbers that we compare used the previous month because we have all the data. And so you look at October versus October, this is crazy. A forty two percent increase in the amount of property sold month versus month, huge jump. So, for example, October last year, four hundred and seventy one single family home sales this year.

Six hundred and sixty nine one massive jump. And so, again, if that goes back to previous shows a while back, if you go back to our website or YouTube, you'll see we talk about where pending sales are up and buyer traffic was up. Well, guess what? A lot of those deals finally closed and so huge. I can't remember the last time I've seen a 40 percent plus jump since we do on this show for ten years, almost.

I mean, I'm really not sure. But the reality is that has to do with obviously, like I mentioned in previous shows, that perfect storm interest rates at an all time low, people moving from up north, people able to work remotely. Now, people are obviously retiring early. We'd all kind of scenarios where people are moving here in these hot spots for for purchasing and obviously Myrtle Beach for a very well. And then so very, very good news for anybody that's a home out there or anybody as a homeowner, because obviously that's a lot of jump in regards to your property value.

And so looking at the average sale price, it was only up eight point one percent last month, the same month last year, three three hundred thirteen thousand seven thirty eight. We will see that kind of move up a little bit more, my opinion, the next couple of months, because we're also seeing inventory dry up the median price for sales, single family home sales up thirteen point nine percent last month. Huge, huge jump there. That's great news, two hundred sixty two thousand overall, which is great in that aspect.

And so that's just something that huge as well. If you look at the 12 month average to it's constantly up nine point six percent for the 12 month average. Probably the most shocking number two on top of that has to do with inventory. Let's talk a little bit about briefly. Last week show two point four months of inventory. There's fifty two percent less homes available than there was the same month last year. Now, here's the crazy part you look at, right?

We always talk about price prices, what we call a lagging indicator. And so if I see that sales are up forty two percent last month alone, inventories down 52 percent last month alone, there's only one place our price can go. Right. And that's going to be up because there's a bidding wars happening. People are freaking out, buying stuff within. I mentioned last week show we're selling stuff within hours right now. A lot of time to buyers that we already have who are in waiting.

And so they're on the sidelines. They're in our will call our technology. So as we get it, when we match it up with our technology, we developed and it's huge. And so if I looked at the most shocking numbers for anyone out there and you want to talk to anybody, your friends, relatives, and they ask about real estate, here's the crazy part where the inventory crisis right now inventories down fifty two percent from the same month last year at two point four months.

Again, the slowest I've ever seen it in my career of 15 years in the business. Since we don't track it, I think we were a little bit close to that twenty five marketplace, maybe twenty six. We just had a real time technology back then to track it. Now, on top of that, you got to think of how many homes and condos have been built since then. A lot. Right. And so the one thing we'll keep watching to is your shows per listing.

So check this out. Last month, showings per listing, which is basically OK, what's going to happen in the future? Because that's how many buyers are looking right now. The buyers are looking. They put an offer in today. You're talking forty five sixty days to closing, some cases 30 to 60 days. Right. So the traffic for buyers last month was up fifty eight percent. So still massive amounts of buyers looking right now. I mean, it's crazy to see all three of the key numbers all over 40 percent.

And so my prediction there, you see the rise in prices. I do think there is some uncertainty coming in twenty twenty one as just as a business owner of things that concern me. And so we may see people pump the brakes. We've already had some of our clients who were buyers in other areas pump the brakes a little bit. But from right now, real time data showing that the buyer traffic is up fifty eight percent. So take advantage of that right strike while the iron is hot.

You don't want to wait until write that down a little bit if there is some type of decline in that aspect. And so there's a lot of talk about no tax changes and capital gains the way that they're handled, obviously in tax deferment. So you may see some people pull off a little bit. May one to. Make sure you take advantages as a home seller where prices are pretty much at an all time high, inventories are at an all time low.

It's a perfect scenario for anyone thinking about selling to anyone you come across. A friend, relative and uncle definitely makes sure that they're aware of this because it's great, great news for any sellers out there as well. Construction for new construction, home sales up eight percent last month, which is great. Again, the one thing I'm seeing a lot is, is sales people moving, relocating. Those have been huge right now into condos, really quick condo close sales last month, huge jump in condos.

So if you have a condo out there, they were a little bit lagging behind home sales, condo sales last month up thirty six percent, which is huge, right? Not really the right, almost at 40 percent as well. Keeping up with homes. We've seen a lot of people in this shoulder season. We just talked about this in our team meeting. We're seeing a lot more people come down right now looking for condos. We're seeing money from up north who are people have kids, are a little bit older.

I think it's just a seasonality of a marketplace. But that's just a trend that we're seeing. We're seeing a lot more condos right now, too. So if you have a condo, now's the time to strike in that shoulder season. The great news here, prices, median price for condos of nine point three percent last month at one hundred fifty eight thousand, which is great news. Average sale price for condos up 13 percent last month at one ninety seven five sixty eight.

And the supply there, same exact prices, same problem, down twenty five point five percent from the same month last year at three point eight months. And so great, great news here. If you look at shows per listing, which is by traffic, by buyer traffic on condos is up twenty three point eight percent. And so bottom line is, it's still super hot real time. I do foresee a little bit maybe some changes first year. See what happens.

This is great, great news for us here locally because so many people are moving here, especially like I mentioned earlier, with the talk of new lock down measures up north. Our phones have been blowing up from people who are very pissed about what's going on up there and they don't want to be locked back down again. We'll talk about that in a few minutes. One of the things that drove this extra little spike in home sales to was interest rates last week show it was down at two point eight.

Nine percent jumped up a little bit. It's been back and forth right now. We're still below three percent, which is awesome. We're still close to the all time lows right now, 30 year fixed rate, two point, not eight percent for a 30 year fixed mortgage, which is also a fifteen year fixed rate right now, two point four, five percent an FHA loan. This is still something that's been amazing to watch and see for a lot of first time homebuyers right now.

First time homebuyer with three percent down and FHA government back loan with two point four two percent interest rates. Absolutely nuts, right? We have a lot of people who are paying twelve hundred dollars a month in rent. They're able to buy a house for significantly less, save a couple of hundred dollars a month in their monthly basically rent payment, but now they're open again. So if you want to know more about that, we have some special soccer team that can help with that or anybody in your family.

Let them take advantage of these all time low interest rates, which is awesome. A jumbo loan right now, three point thirty five percent and a five year JOCE rate mortgage, people call it an arm is at two point seventy five percent. So bottom line, their money cheap. Right. And that's one thing that's driving that. People making relocations, people coming into town. And so if you're a home seller right now, you want to strike while the iron is hot, because again, all time low inventory since we've been on track at two point four months, down 50 percent on top of that sales up over 40 percent at forty two percent increase in sales.

You're going to see price continue to shoot up for the short term. And so definitely want to cap out on that. I'll talk to you about this, too. Sometimes you were concerned about the holidays, but here's the thing. I share this with my team this week. They're doing this a long time. A big student of psychology and one of the most emotional times of the year in a positive room is the holidays. Right. And if you look at what people purchase homes, it's an emotional purchase.

And one of the best ways that homes show is during the holidays. Right. Is decorated as a home for you. And one of the things that I've noticed in showing thousands of homes is people tend to look and feel what's this going to be like during the holidays with family and where can I put decorations, all these things better. And so don't have a story right in your head that you can't sell during this time period because there is an opportunity.

It's an emotional buy, and people connect on a very high level with that. So if you want to know more about that and the opportunities for sure, reach out. Give me a call right now, eight four three eight. Oh, wait.

So obviously you want to get in touch with them. Just minutes. Do we have to work anyway? And hopefully you're not going to be part of the horror story, but we don't have those. Well, we'll get into whatever we can remember. If you want to get in touch with phone number, it's easy to remember for three anyway. So eight four three eight zero eight OLB or go online to like flown in Myrtle Beach here, the hot singer Rascal Flatts.

When I moved in, I won the award for how we look at the code with folks about the seven and a half ago 11 just to have bars and success stories in case you haven't.

So if you're on stage, will make some of your stress free and agencies won't let you out of the contract if you're not happy with their service. That's why in Myrtle Beach, I can tell you that Alex Sloan of Slow Realty Group work at home on a whole different level. Allison Blake is so confident in his ability to sell your home quickly and the more money that he guarantees to sell it or he'll buy it himself. If you're moving on, trust Blake to provide your family a stress free home sales experience by Blake online at Takes Dotcom.

Or you can call in at eight four three eight eight oh start and.

And as you just heard, the phone numbers regrouping for three anyway, so that's a real injustice that if we've got a success story, we get to first time home, like have been working with just a ridiculous amount of homebuyers looking for home. The Myrtle Beach area, one hundred fifty thousand to three point five million. That's great. But if you're in that range, we've even think of selling cornflake immediately. We'll help you out for three days away.

So how many people are out there looking for a home in the Myrtle Beach area? Well, let's just give you the number. Fifty nine thousand twenty seven fifty nine to eighty seven. That's how many people have signed up and have active accounts of lakefront website. And these are people who are actively working on a regular basis several times a day, and they want to be the first person to find that home. Yes. Like they mentioned, real people.

These are separate people. Now, these aren't like hits or traffic. These are some people, the username, password account. How is it possible that fifty nine thousand plus active buyers, because we spend a ton of money driving traffic, tens of thousand dollars a month, driving traffic to online sites that we have and we get it from all over. And so the difference between me and anyone else, if you're listening, are you wondering why should I call you guys, list my house or anything?

I'm spending massive amounts of money to generate Baras for your house before you ever even call me. And so that's how we have fifty thousand active buyers. And we also have technology we developed over the past years that take any listing, specifically your house. And we reverse engineer the most likely buyer for your house based on their previous search patterns. And so a lot of times we can use that technology to get it sold within hours. And so I did mention to you from all over right now, Renee DeSantis from Poughkeepsie, New York.

Be on the site here. A lot of times got six new favorites or four hundred property she looked at. I got Judy Maril from Endicott, New York, on the site, brand new, three digits. Got one hundred thirty nine properties, five favorites right now. We got Scott from Wilmington, North Carolina. From all over the place. We get people. I got Mark Thompson, Montrose, P.A. Carlos from Columbia, South Carolina. And so these are real people.

And like we mentioned earlier, where the inventory crisis and so anyone, you know, friend, relative and uncle, cousin, if you like them, if you don't like them, have them call us. Do not let to make a huge mistake of just going. Somebody is going to put a sign in yard and beyond down the street trying to sell another house with our team system. Our technology is unmatched. That's why we're ranked top one percent in the nation because of this system and how we break this down in any time we sit down with anybody, it absolutely blows your mind.

And so if you want to know more about that, reach out eight four three eight eight sold. Obviously, Blake's home comedy, Tom Top is left. Right. I want to share some amazing success stories. Our team today absolutely crushing it we're so proud of. Also, here's a cool story here. I recently got married to her husband, who actually lives in Montana. She still lives in Conway, which is a very nice home. So obviously, I can move out, be the husband sharing a boulder home.

The problem is here in Boulder, home just a year ago, put a lot of money into it. And so she didn't want to lose any money and wanted to obviously get a gain or she invest in it. So here's a cool part. Obviously, she need to also sell it quick. It was a kind of a combination of the two. Thankfully, Sharon's friend used us to sell their home and told us told her we're the only people to call.

She reached out to us. I designed a custom marketing plan. Walter Gold marketing with professional photos of virtual reality walk through, drove massive traffic, had to offer almost full asking price to allow her to walk away with even more money in your pocket. And now she moved to Montana, put in maximum equity in her pocket. So that's a key part there, right? So fast and for the most amount of money anyway. So it quick. But that's not what you want to do.

You want to give your partner equity away. Another one we call Phil and Susan. They had a condo in Myrtle Beach they no longer really use. And so they decide they want to sell. Thankfully, Phil is referred to us by an amazing radio listener, gave us a call. I came in is I custom plan. We lost our gold marketing blitz, professional photos of virtual reality walk through, which has been huge right now during the Soviet era, so to speak, and within a couple weeks had a great offer, almost full asking price.

And they're able to obviously put maximum equity cash out of the top. And that's something the super, super cool there as well. And so we're doing the same thing on the back side. Here's another cool to bring our team. I want our beer experts. The assessment in this room is Nolan. They were downsizing, moving closer to the beach and basically their closest friend told them about us, came to us. Brian helped on the buy side.

We helped get it on the market. So we had an under contract in the first five hours and then brain to help them obviously find the perfect place for them that was close to the beach and close their friends. And so we're able to help navigate what we call the delicate dance. The job offers yourselfers is something that we specialize in and we're very, very good at. So you're not stuck owning two properties or nothing with nothing at all, which supercool.

And also, Scott had a great scenario on our team with Brad. Amanda, they search for home. Thankfully, they got it with us. One of our listings, we help them find the perfect four bedroom home. The form under contract, they closed thirty four days later, keys in hand, superexcited, now they're able to expand their family. So the bottom line is our team knows how to navigate what's going on in the current marketplace, how much time we got to miss.

One more to I can share this one for Samantha. Been trying to sell her since market comment over six months. Average real estate. No, look, just empty promises. Thankfully, she's referred to us, but also listener. We came and lost a little marketing blitz. Professional photos had to offer 98 percent of asking price just a couple of weeks. And so this is over and over and over and over again for that. But with two minutes left, I want to talk about what we're seeing.

This is something that really kind of connected with because I'm seeing it. The New York Post had an article this week. Not sure if you guys saw Dave on your show, but the quote was the top, how they had it broken down. It said, Lured by luxury deals die hard. New Yorkers are moving south and they basically listed the South Year. Charleston's on here, one of the examples of Charlotte, Columbia, US, and gave an example of how New Yorkers are just tired of what they're seeing, these types of lockdowns.

And after four months of lockdowns, they basically follow this girl named Kayla, who and her friends moved down here. But they talked about people are able to work remotely now and they're doing that where they have lower cost of living, lower home costs. And the reality is they're seeing massive value. What we have here and I talk about this because we spent a massive amount of money up north and we're very, very well down into that. We're seeing the same exact thing.

We're getting words like a dictator and all these things that are saying that they're very aggravated with the government. They're local and state government, and they're coming down here. And so it's a great opportunity for us as a location to be able to grow and real estate world. And so if you know anybody out there, my biggest struggle right now is inventory. Our team is pushed very hard. We're going to push all the way through the end of this year through the holidays.

A lot of agents taking off right now and we're doubling down to the holidays. You know, more reach out. Give us a call, a four three eight. Oh, wait. So those are always going to be working out throughout the entire holiday season for sure, for three eight eight four three eight zero eight as it will be. We're going to place if you just Google and make sure to go to Sloan Realty Group, make sure you get the name right.

Sloan Realty Group. Great show. Yes, there. I'll be here. All right. Is the answer to that is real estate show with your home? Does it have to be filled with drama?

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