Myrtle Beach Real Estate Radio Show With Blake Sloan 10-16-2020

This Week Blake Sloan Hosts His Weekly Radio Show On WRNN 99.5 FM Hot Talk Radio.

This Weeks Topics Are: The Micro-Market Numbers! Sales Are up! Inventory Is Down! Myrtle Beach A Top 10 Destination For UFO enthusiasts! 

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Expert advantage, real estate, real estate agents not only on the ground, but in that region and for The Wall Street Journal, NBC and many other publications and now the exploded real estate show with what we them coming up in just one second. In the meantime, let me give you some contact information, because over the next 30 minutes, you'll hear a lot of great information that you'll want to know more about. As easy as it's long realty group at Sloan Realty Group, make sure you get the right place and give a quality four three eight eight four three eight zero eight as well.

Be or go online and we will repeat that several times in the next 30 minutes. We'll get to the show here. Good morning, everyone.

Got an awesome, awesome brand new show on this last week out really quick to to meet with some very, very sharp business minds from across the country. I'll talk about that ad in the show if you have time. But back in the studio got awesome, awesome show this the thirty first Shray edition of the Corona edition, AK covid-19, AK slow, the spread in two weeks. Right. So we got tons of news. And how are markets showing up here compared to other places across the country?

The brand new market numbers in micro market numbers in from last month are very interesting. Some areas were down, some areas were up. And it was interesting to look and we'll look at how most of that has been affected by inventory. That's our big crisis right now. We're in an inventory crisis. We're kind of in that perfect storm I mentioned last week show our interest rates just hit another record low. People are moving in from all across the country.

Did a posted I was in a Post and courier article this past week that talked about just what we're seeing. Right. We're seeing people who are frustrated at government are moving away from some of the lockdown's restrictions, also are getting out of highly populated metropolitan areas to move down to areas like Myrtle Beach. And so that's been drive the market. The numbers are huge. We'll go over and recap really quick for anyone that missed the overall macro numbers, which is just kind of the overall marketplace as a whole for anyone that missed that last week as well.

But also we have to cool things that were in last week's itinerary. We didn't have time for the easiest way to get more money for your home and one trick to at eight to fourteen thousand dollars to your home. And it's very simple, as do the garage. We'll talk about that in one hopefully hour time. This great article, a big shout out to my conviction in this article. As we said, these are the top ten best locations, the United States for us UFO enthusiasts to buy a home.

And Myrtle Beach came in at the very top of that list, which is pretty cool. And so I will talk about that. As usual, some amazing, amazing success stories. Our team has been absolutely crushing it. Twenty plus homes under contract. And last week we had thirteen by this past Tuesday. And so the bottom line is the market is moving like crazy. We have a huge inventory shortage right now. We'll talk about that as well as we have some awesome information for you guys in the show this week.

We're just getting started for the very first time. You don't know who this guy is for Wall Street Journal, Real Time magazine. And other than the publications that you've seen them on TV, on NBC or with a warning to the press, also personal endorsements. You've heard them all on this radio station. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Barbara Corcoran and others put them all together is unprecedented in the world of real estate, especially here in the area. Now, also, if you've never attended, you'll find out that he has trademark system that other people use around the country.

But you can't give all the details out of the radio because of their trademark. More than happy to tell you. Yes.

And this is like my weibe on this show. The reason that we do this and invest so much time, energy and it is really comes down to the single most important variable that determines your failure or success as a home seller. It comes down to one thing, one thing only, and that thing is the agent you choose, period. Right. And the reason we share that is because we see so many horror stories where people make this mistake of thinking that all real estate agents are the same and it could not be further than the truth.

Why is that? Just like any doctor, any lawyer, if you're charged with a crime you did not commit, you don't want just in you a part time lawyer who may do it on the side. It may take one or two cases a year. Right. You want the absolute best? Who's obsessed? What they do, who are committed, whether you do it obviously get the best results. The same thing when you're dealing, for most people, their largest asset.

And so what really matters in selling a property? There's one hundred and eighteen different variables from A to Z. If each one correctly gets that does puts money pocket property. Yes. Or anything is handled incorrectly, a.k.a. they drop the ball at any point that cost you your hard earned equity or what happens. A lot of times the property does not sell. So you're stuck paying two mortgages. You're stuck obviously with no properties or obviously you're bleeding cash.

And so what we did and that could be anything people ask, what are those variables? What can be anything from? Does it answer the telephone when somebody calls? Right. Are the photos great quality? It look the same way. All last looks at first because your first showing happens online. Are the professional are the photos in the right? Order just Webley that gets submitted, get called back in time, is all these things obviously on the front end from a marketing standpoint that matter.

And so what we did is, first of all, we identified every single variable point. So that's how we know it. One hundred eighteen from A to Z. Then we create a system that's proven repeatable, that creates maximum leverage, every single point for our client. And then what we do is we stack those dominos so we create a small gap for our client point at point, one small gap at point two and point three. And as you guess, you add those small gaps up over time.

It creates a huge competitive advantage for our client. So just like running a marathon, take a shotgun start, everyone takes off, everyone's jogging. Looks like it's about the same. But what happens five, 10 minutes an hour later, there's a huge spread between the front and the back is the same exact thing we do with the marathon of your home. And so the system design is called the guaranteed told system. The only improve the system that's almost twice as fast and for up to 20 percent more money than traditional methods.

And it works very, very, very well. Most agencies live by the three PS right. When they promised the world to get listing, too, they put it to the models. And three, they pray that someone else brings a buyer to them. Meanwhile, they're down the street knocking on neighbors door, trying to get their listing. And so that's just how the industry has been for so long. So we looked at what people did outside of real estate and really try to model that and say, how do we have a proven, repeatable system that can give our client a huge competitive edge every single time?

That's what we do. Right. That's why our results are so much better than the average. You've seen all the success stories. And so we'll talk about some of those today. On the flip side, there's obviously a different process for buyers. There's a hundred plus variables for buyers and that can really make or break right. Getting that home you want or it determines if you make money or lose money. And so for buyers, we do the same exact thing, reverse engineered all the variable points and create a system that's proven repeatable.

It's called the unfair advantage home buying system, because property access to foreclosures, distressed sales, desperate sellers, the absolute best negotiation in purchase price, also through home inspection all the way through to the closing table. So bottom line is the agent you use matters, right? We hear this all the time. Even people sometimes that have listen to our show for weeks or months or years. We'll call our friend who's doing it part time. They try to list it is absolute disaster.

They call us back and afterwards. And so don't make the mistake of doing that because they could have sold it and possibly cost you fifteen or twenty thousand dollars, then it's too late to call me. And so if you want to know more about that, it absolutely blows everyone's mind once you show it to them. Even other realtors from other areas. It's called the guaranteed solar system. Also, we have the unfair advantage, home buying. Since we know more about that, reach out.

Give us a call. The office eight four three eight.

Oh, wait, so we know we're coming up in just a minute. We've got some of the great things you need to know about, including what the real estate market will be like right here where you live, also where the mortgage rates look like right now. The most important numbers you might be hearing this weekend. It's all coming up in just a second. Other numbers you need to know for three weeks. So that's the phone number. Realty Group four three eight zero eight as well.

They are going online to play slow dotcom. Hey, if you are in the market to make a phone call of your home, Sean Hannity here with some important advice. I look, I'm an active investor. I have bought and sold a lot of properties in my home market. And one of the lessons I have learned is this. The agent that knows how to create the most demand for your home. Now, if I needed to create demand in this market, no question there's only one real estate agent I trust.

If I needed to sell my home talking about all the services, the entire Myrtle Beach area attracts hundreds of buyers every week and sell the home on average every twenty four hours that help you generate multiple offers, mostly like getting it from your home doesn't sell for the price that you agree to have a call for cash offers flexibility on how much demand your right hand man brings home today at eight a.m. be sold at eight sold or online. A place won't comment on the outcome.

Hi. I'm looking to sell through for the most money market strategy. That's the bottom line. I can't really put their own money on the line. I don't think I would hire someone so much like I just sold.

Because I understand the phone number is eight, four, three, four, three through eight as well. The group's mortgage rate numbers have any way to go right now. Other numbers, including how we're doing. What's it looking like?

It's huge. Write huge numbers. But one thing reminding me real quick is that Barbara debate is here in this. But I'm not sure if some people saw it. It was really cool or I asked all the time, like you talked to Barbara, things go good and what's it like? And she gives a great shout out on our Facebook pages as best we can. Sure. You saw Day, but you guys go a as group on Facebook, but she left this awesome, awesome thing.

So when your great team leadership and how you can help your client community through these challenging times, you're making a difference. And I'm proud of you, obviously, with a picture of her, which is super cool. So very, very thankful for her. And a big shout to our amazing team that's been serving everyone like you has been listening for a while. We pushed hard to this whole covid crisis and really helped out a lot of family. So back to the market really quick.

I'll fly through for anyone that missed last week's show. We did the macro market. Macro market. Was that mean? That's the entire grain. Right. So looking at sales, absolutely. Smoking last month, if you look at clothes sales for single family homes, which is what majaw the marketplaces sales were up forty two point four percent from the same month last year, which is huge. Right. So that's kind of the key part there. That means a lot more people are buying with less inventory.

Now, the prices prices last month up 12 percent for median price of the two hundred seventy thousand. The big jump, though, was for average sale price, average sale price of seventeen point one percent last month alone, forty eight thousand and eleven dollars. And so what's that mean? Price rising like crazy? Any time you see me, I can't hear the last time I've seen forty two percent increase in sales. I mean, that's just huge for a little marketplace like this.

Now, what's the other crazy number is inventory inventories. Well, lowest we've ever seen it. Like I mentioned, we have an inventory crisis right now. Inventory is down forty eight point one percent from the same time last year. So you see forty five percent plus increase in sales. Forty eight percent decrease in inventory. You all can see my problem. Right. And so the good news is that's something that is obviously very beneficial to home sellers right now, because as my mom always said, anything you always want to strike while the iron is hot.

And right now, I'll tell you, the iron is very, very hot. And so that's just something that's really, really great news you're looking at. Also, if you look at the amount of buyer traffic right now, like how many buyers looking at listings versus the same month last year because we track every single access to lock boxes across the entire MLS. So check it out. Buyer traffic showings per listing is up fifty six point one percent last month alone.

So massive, massive numbers and especially coming into a shoulder season, which is awesome. And so that's something to kind of look at, even though we track weekly how a new property is going to contract, because those numbers I share with you are obviously in what we call the rearview mirror. Those were closed last month. Those are September's numbers. We're not told right now. We've been sharing with you how many new properties have begun to contract every single week.

Remember when the lockdown started, went down like three hundred, four hundred per week. It got up to eight hundred plus when it kind of got to the maximum amount. That was in August ish and obviously a little bit of September and July. Now it's the last seven days. Seven hundred forty seven properties under contract for one hundred ninety two million six or eight thousand six hundred sixty two dollars. So there's still a massive amount of people buying my team.

And I go of this number every morning to kind of look at the pulse of what's happening so we can advise our clients and what to do in the best way. And so what we're seeing is people are still in town. We're seeing a different shoulder type season. Barbie, in town or school being session does not matter quite as much. We're still seeing a lot of pain, right? People that are moving for other areas, they're frustrated with lockdowns, are frustrated and fearful, obviously, of covid being a metropolitan area.

And so it's a great, great advantage right now for anyone out there that's thinking about selling it. So if you want to hop into the micro market numbers, obviously flowthrough more quick. This to want to get the most feedback about Arabize like, what's my zip code and what's my area doing so well thought through. And you see the key numbers for everyone because they're interesting, right? Because you see some areas of beach there are skyrocketing, some that aren't that may be in a decline.

And obviously you want an agent who has that data so they can help you make a better decision. Because if I'm in an area that's performing much better than the other ones, I'm going to take that into account when I'm picking price strategy. Right. So maybe check it out. Last month, closed sales in City Myrtle Beach, Technofile, seven two one two nine five seven seven. I was down thirteen point six percent. Median price down two point five percent, down from three twenty eight to three twenty.

The good news is year to date price up four point two percent. Here's a challenge right in the city. Myrtle Beach, inventory of the amount of homes down thirty four point three percent. And so that's something to think about there as well. Condo. Sales in Myrtle Beach last month of six point five percent, which is great. Median sales price up twenty one point six percent for condos in the city. They're up from one twenty seventy five to one fifty five.

That's awesome. Awesome news right there. North Myrtle Beach. Check this out. Clothes sales up massive is seventy five percent increase from forty four sales to seventy seven sales last month in Omaha Beach, which is two nine five eight two prices, up eighteen point five percent. Huge jump from three forty up to four hundred and three. And so if you have a house near Myrtle Beach, it's probably worth right now little more than you think it is in most cases.

And so inventory also in North Myrtle Beach is down thirty four point seven percent from three twenty nine down to fifteen condos up huge number, up 60 percent in Newport Beach from ninety five to one. Sixty median price of twenty three point seven percent for condos in Omaha Beach, up from one ninety three to two thirty eight. And also the same challenge there again, where we call it a crisis is down twenty eight point nine percent for inventory. And so great, great news for any number of people out there.

Little river sales up nine point seven percent last month. The price was down seven point three. That's just also from some uniqueness in Little River right there, some with a large amount of land, some that don't have much land. There's all kind of different properties there. You want to dig into the neighborhood for sure. We've seen that overall condo sales up twenty six percent in Little River as well. Prices up two point five percent for condos, which is awesome.

Lowers and longs performing very well from fifty three sales. It was seventy five sales last month alone, a forty one percent increase, which is great. Median price of three percent from one eighty three five to one eighty nine, which is great, great news there. And inventory is actually up a little bit, which is very rare from two sixty eight to seventy three. The amount of homes for sale in the lower and long is a great news.

Close sales up twelve point five percent for the year, which is awesome. Awesome news for Lawson. Longus Carolina Forest has been smokin hot lately. That's something if you're in that area, a great opportunity right now for you to take advantage and sell at the high price. Close up thirty three percent from eighty eight to one seventeen, which is awesome. Median sale price up eight point seven percent from two seventy five to two ninety nine in inventory. Also a huge challenge.

Come on. Of course, right now down twenty three point eight percent overall. And so that's just something to think about as well as many condo sales there. Zarkasih sales for single family homes up seventeen point five percent, which is great news. Their median price up two point four percent from two hundred twenty seven of the two thirty three. And we're also seeing inventory challenge in Sakti down thirty three point one percent premium from last year. That was like our savior when inventory started getting low because they are building new properties there.

And you're starting to see a lot of those properties being bought up in new construction. This kind of get lower inventory in Sakthi as well. So where I grew up with my mom still lives subsided to now five seven five zip code sales last month of sixty one point five percent from fifty two to eighty four, which is awesome. Surfside Beach are very similar markets, right. You're seeing people look for the the kind of shoulder areas and a little different lifestyle there.

And so that's something that's really, really doing well right now. The price was down slightly, three point two percent from two seventy one to two sixty two. That also has to do with what's being built. And obviously that goes all the way up five forty four all through the area surface. So you want to dig into which area of that zip code you're in and you'll get a little more different data, which is great. The other challenge, Surfside, the same exact way we just sold to recently and there is a seventeen within a couple of days.

Inventory is down thirty four percent and service out right now, huge drop from twenty five to one eighty eight available. Now you add here's here's if you break down the equation. So inventory is down thirty four percent but sales are up sixty one point five percent. You're going to see with the lagging indicator is definitely going to be price here the next couple of months, which is great for anyone that has a property there. My mom just called actually two days ago and said, hey, there's this guy across the street.

He just sold his house for a massive amount of no way more than she ever thought possible. And she's like, just so much that's so smart and so funny. We talked about that. And I told her that we could have this week to kind of talk about that. The bottom line is people are getting a lot more and they think they can just because there's a crisis right now, inventory. So don't waste that opportunity. Gaza City is an interesting sales down a little bit, down from ninety sales to eighty seven seals to a three point three percent decrease.

Median price down three point one percent from eighty three to seventy four. That also has to do with inventory. So inventory in Garden City is one that's down almost 50 percent, down forty nine point five percent. And so that's where you're seeing some challenges. That's obviously one of the lower ones, the amount of homes for sale. And that's all of rolls in in Olive Garden City, which is diverse, especially if you compare Garden City versus resilient.

And so last year, for example, in September, there's four hundred twenty four homes for sale. This year, only two hundred fourteen. So. That's a challenge we run into as well in Nepali's in Litchfield, close deals of thirty six point six percent last month. We scored a couple of high homes there last month as well. Median price of twelve point nine percent from three sixty to four or six. And we're seeing a lot of high in cash buyers coming from out of town looking for that lifestyle there.

We've had a lot of success with that as well. And inventory also impalas in Litchfield also down twenty five point one percent, down from to sixty seven to two hundred. Last couple, once you're close is almost identical, which is ironic. Last year, one hundred sixty two sales. This year, one hundred sixty one. So one home difference. The good news is prices up ten point two percent, increase in price, ten point two percent increase for equity for most people.

That may not realize that, which is awesome. The one challenge, though, is inventory in Conway, which is two, not five to six, and now five to seven, down thirty four point five percent in the aigner. Not that many data points, but went from three sales last year, September to eight sales, which is a huge jump. Obviously more than double prices, though, thirty three point five percent increase in price when AYNA, which is awesome.

If you look at median price from two thirty two to three, ten, four fifty, a huge jump, almost one hundred thousand dollars jump in month, first month of that year. And so we've sold a lot of property out there with some acreage. We have really nice horse form for sale out there right now. If you guys are interested in something like that. Hauspie was beautiful. And so inventory is actually up in aigner, up from twenty four to forty nine.

And so last part here at Georgetown, Georgetown tends to be a little more quieter. Right. Our numbers that we see, if you remember from the previous month, they're doing great right now. Hot actually right now. Seale's and Georgetown up sixty one point one percent, which is huge. Here's a crazy part is nuts. Median price went from one hundred and eighty eight point two percent increase. I've never seen it. Never seen this much. And obviously a little bit less less data there.

Right. Only twenty nine sales last month. But check it out. The median price went from two thirty four to fifty last year to six seventy five. And what we've seen that attract this kind of every single day, we've seen a lot of high end properties on water sale recently, a lot of cash deals, big money from out of state. And so that's I think what's driving that. If you look at year to date price, which is the whole entire year is the price.

You're still up twenty seven percent in Georgetown, which is two nine four four zero inventory also down twenty four point two percent. So I know it's a lot to talk about. The reality is, what do you hear the two main themes there? Right. If you want to know more about your specific neighborhood, we have software that can break down the same data for your neighborhood based, and we created the software that'll help you figure out exactly what happened in your neighborhood and give you an advantage.

But the bottom line is what we're finding is most sellers are having more equity and we can sell it for even more than they think they can. Right. We're finding the online evaluation's, like Zillow A.F. are not accurate because the data is just too far behind and you can get real time human, I guess, understanding of it and get a much higher number. So if you know anybody out there, think about selling inventory. Super low prices are up, sales are up.

And so it's a huge opportunity that's helped me. Well, one thing is driving. That is obviously interest rates. Interest rates hit another almost record low the past this past week. Right now, a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, three point zero percent on the day went down back up this week and obviously back down between Thursday, Friday, which is great. A fifteen year fixed rate right now, two point four four percent, a thirty year FHA loan, which is still so crazy, two point four zero percent, three percent down government backed loan at two point four four percent.

You're seeing a lot of first time buyers right now who can buy and their literally their monthly payment is significantly less than it was. And they're running. We have some people on our team that specialize in that. If you know somebody, it may need some help in that area. A jumbo loan, three point three, three percent and a five year adjustable rate mortgage right now, which is an arm two point seven eight percent. So last week's show is three point zero four.

We're back down three point zero zero. What's that mean? There's another huge opportunity looking back and we are doing some research on this. There is a election coming up. Obviously, if you look at previous elections, rates do tend to creep up after elections, just looking back at history. And so you may want to be aware of that. Right. And so if you see rates go back up, what's that mean, less people going back?

It just is where it is. Money, shit. People move up, move down, move around. And so take advantage if you're a home seller or a home buyer of race being super, super low, scraping on all time lows of history and a special, I guess you say, perfect storm of people moving here from outside of state. Right. We're seeing so many northeast coming in town. So reach out. Call us if you're thinking about selling someone you know, friend, relative and uncle, they probably have more equity.

I think they do have the reach out call us in my office for three A2A.

So it's a great success stories and whatever you call composite eight, four, three, two or three. How are you on top of that went along, right? When I won the award for Song of the Year, of those who understand, I have a time about two and a half minutes Wolf.

All right, let's move out of context. Hey, that's one thing I can tell you that really drew a different level. This is so confident and that this is going to be a tremendous real estate show with like this team looking for inventory.

If you've got anything in this area between two hundred fifty thousand to three point five million dollars of selling cultlike immediately, they bought three weeks old because on his website, he's got more than fifty eight thousand fifty eight nine forty seven. The number of people looking on your Web site problems right now. Yes.

Real username, password account. These are separate people. Fifty eight thousand two hundred forty seven. And we have a all time low of inventory your property to sell anyone you run into a friend, relative and uncle co-worker. Have them call us because like right now, we've got Scott Callahan from Owings, Maryland, site. Five hundred thirty six visits. I mean. All right, Jasmine from Myrtle Beach, Alex Myrtle Beach. I got John from Concord, North Carolina, all over Greenwich, Connecticut.

Bob's on here. And so the reality is we need property sales. So if you know anyone, have them call us. Don't let them make a mistake. Right. Don't make them call someone else who calls them hard on equity. We're have a disastrous process in how much we've got to do or give some awesome, awesome shots to our team. Our team's been working so hard through all this and getting some amazing success stories. Big shots. Giornale and Robert, who owned a home, rolls and decided that owning a second home was starting to be a little too much.

They just outside of a sale, they notice their neighbor's house sold fast. Reach out to them. They told me a Stone Age group know. Give us a call. We came in is our coastal marketing plan water gold marketing blitz. Professional photos had a cash offer, 90 percent of asking price just a couple of days and had it under contract sold for maximum equity in their pocket. Another Sean and Mary Jane owned the house in Myrtle Beach. Most of our friends lived in Omaha Beach.

The coolest part, they're listening to the show. So big shout out to Sean and Mary Jane. They called us first, which is awesome. We came in on a custom strategy, launched a marketing blitz, professional photos. Within the first day, we had a buyer with a ninety nine percent cash offer on their property, got it closed under contract, and they're moving on to normal with maximum equity in their pocket, which is huge. So how much a minute?

Scott had awesome buyers come and talent scouts on our team. Michael Barnes, he actually looked for a condo for his VA loan, did some searching for him, find some stuff, got golf list price, which is awesome. And other columbarium. My team, Becky, Mike, Oisin retired from Kentucky. He actually helped them do a virtual tour during the covid lock down recently. Just close on that. This past week, got a beautiful luxury condo.

Save them thousands of dollars in the process. So our team's kicking butt, pushing hard through all this. Anyone you want a high level service makes you reach out and give us a call for sure to do that.

Then never seem to remember his eight four three eight three eight zero eight for long time. Before you get that, as always, make sure you have those next week is the answer to that.

Is real estate show with Blake Sloan.

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