Myrtle Beach Real Estate Radio Show With Blake Sloan 10-02-2020

This Week Blake Sloan Hosts His Weekly Radio Show On WRNN 99.5 FM Hot Talk Radio.

This Weeks Topics Are: The Brand New Real Estate Market Numbers Are Out! Sales Are up! Inventory Is Down 50%! Prices Are Up 17%! Watch To Learn More! 

Automated Transcription:

And it's time for the expert of that real estate show, the top real estate agents not only on the grandstand, but in the world that featured in the magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NBC and many other publications. And now the expert of any real estate show like we got away coming up a mere seconds. Let me know how you like very easy and slow phone numbers. Eight, four, three, eight, sold out for three weeks, sold.

Or you can just go online to like dotcom alone. Dotcom will contact information several times over the next 30 days. In the meantime, let's get this show on the road here.

Yes. Good morning, everyone. Got a great, great show. Tons of great stuff. The market is still all kind of craziness going on news. We have the brand new market numbers from last month out and they're very interesting. At least they're fresh off the press. We'll probably have the final numbers mid next week. But it's interesting to see kind of what's going on. Still been super, super hot. This are twenty ninth tradition of the Corona edition of our real estate kind of market updates.

Been crazy down, back up again. And so we'll talk about that new oracle that that's a national oracle from CNBC. I want to share because we're seeing some similar here. It talks about home sold two weeks fascher due to an unusual surge in demand. And so that really plays into what we're seeing here in Myrtle Beach with what I called last week show the perfect storm. Right? Super low interest rates scrapping all time lows, people moving out of the metropolitan areas due to covid-19.

Also frustration with government. Lockdown's up north. They're moving down here. And so we've seen a lot of crazy stuff, actually. This is the article this week. The price hikes come out this week and next week with a local newspaper here that just talks about the same thing. We've seen people buying properties just this week, even virtually via video on a phone via FaceTime, lock those properties in, get under contract before ever coming down. I've seen that.

And that's something that used to happen once. Well, now it's happening every single day. We'll talk about that. That's important as well. New home sales. I hit a fourteen year high nationally. We'll talk about that as well. And also, the one thing I want to share some value. Obviously, I'm trying to wring as much value each week into you. All the easiest way to get more money for your home. This one trick as eight to fourteen thousand dollars to buy your home is true.

And I got this from Mr. Bob Levemir himself back in the day. But that's something super cool. There are also some amazing, amazing success stories. Our team has been absolutely crushing it week after week and over twenty again under contract last month. We had twelve homes under contract this past week, just by Tuesday. And so it's been hot. We have seen a little bit of the real time week to week numbers drop off a little bit and I'll talk to you about that kind of what to look for as well.

We're just getting started just in our toes. But if you are just tuning in the very first time you've ever flown before and asking who this the real estate with good that we could have or magazine Wall Street Journal, Real Time magazine and other publications. You see them on TV with NBC and also with Fox and Friends Morning Show, personally endorsement. Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Lavon and others put them all together. It is unprecedented.

Now, in addition to that, also his trademark systems for both sellers and buyers to make sure that they get the everything that they have coming to them. Now, we can't talk about everything on the air because, well, their trademark. But at the same time, they can't give you the most important part of the system. Yes.

And this has become my mission. And then to show and the why behind what we do, what we do here, because we see so many horror stories in especially in the current marketplace, was that because the pace is moving so fast, it's so easy for your agent to leave money on the table for you right now. One of the success stories this week just shows you got someone almost twenty thousand dollars more they thought they could get. And thankfully, they referred to us versus someone else.

And so here's the bottom line is the single most important variable that determines your failure or success as a home seller comes down to one thing, one thing only period. And that thing is the agent you choose. And really, people make this huge mistake of thinking that real estate, all the same, they're commodity. And it could not be further from the truth, just like any doctor, any lawyer. Right. Something comes down. You're charged with a crime you did not commit.

You want the absolute best. You don't want just a part timer that just does it on the side. Right. You want the absolute best. And you should also demand the same for most people, their largest asset. And so the reason that matters so much is in selling a property is a hundred eighteen different variables from A to Z. So if each one saying correctly, guess what does puts money in your pocket property. So if anything to handle incorrectly, a.k.a. they drop the ball or they basically got you in the wrong way and it could be anything.

Today's market from telling you the wrong price, leaving money on the table, a.k.a. pricing at lower than you can actually get. It could be anything from the quality, the photos, the order, the photos, do they have the look to the house yesterday, the first nine photos. This is a high and home in grand dunes that hadn't sold. They reduce your price. Again, the problem is the first nine photos are all every single angle outside the house.

No one goes through all nine photos. They want to see the inside of the house quickly. The bedrooms. Right. And so all these details matter. Could be anything from does the agent answer the phone when they call the for sale sign out there, how fast it takes them to respond to Wembley's? There's all these things that matter in those hundreds of variables. So what do we do? Well, first thing we did is identify them, write what variables happen in what order.

We create a system that's proven repeatable, that creates maximum leverage at every single point. We call that stacking the dominos. So we have a system in place with people and processes that create advantage at point one, point two, point three. And you see over time it creates a massive gap between us and everyone else. And what that does is it gives our client a competitive edge to the process. And so that system is called the guaranteed solar system.

The only proven system seems twice as fast and for up to 10 percent more money. The traditional methods, and it works very, very, very well. And think about that. That's a system with people that are obviously team members, with technology and systems where the same thing happens the same same way every single time versus one single agent. You see Trengove all the balls. And that's what most people have massive frustration and get their home. So you have one agent who trying to juggle all the balls.

And what happens is you get the three P's when they promise the world to get your listing to, they put it to the MLS. And three, they pray that someone else brings a buyer. Meanwhile, they're down the street trying to get your neighbor's house to sell so they can stay alive and stay afloat in this business. Right. That's a problem most people experience. And so that's what we designed. That system, like they mentioned, trademark.

Obviously, I do license other parts of the country, but exclusive to us here. And so the second part of that is on the buyer side, guess what? There's one hundred plus variables on the buy side and they're determined by the same exact thing. The agent you choose wisely depends on how they execute, and especially in today's market, where it's hypersensitive, it's moving fast property. So within hours, are they available to show it to you when you need it?

Can they get you the data? You need to make the right decision? All those things matter. And so we create a system. They're called the unfair advantage home buying system, a client's priority, access to foreclosures, distressed sales, desperate sellers, the absolute best negotiation in purchase price all the way through the home inspection to get you to that closing table successfully. And so both of those resigned, like mentioned to do one thing. One thing only is it give you a competitive advantage.

So in today's marketplace and we even have people who listen to this show for weeks or months or years, and we'll call a part time friend who does not have those systems in place, the technology in place. We spent a tremendous amount of money on both employees, team members and technology to make sure that we manage those product variables. So it does not cost you money in the long run.

All right. Sounds good. We are just getting started. Coming up in just a minute, we'll see what the market is looking like here in the early area and also check of the range and where they are, how much money that could cost you if you don't want to do that. That's all coming up in just a minute. Stay tuned. But if you'd like to get a test point, you can get a call at his office. Phone number again is eight four three eight sold for three.

Anyway, sold or go online to lifelong dotcom dotcom. Hey, if you were in the market to make the most money of your home, Sean Hannity here with some important advice. I look, I'm an active investor. I have bought and sold a lot of properties in hot, cold, moderate markets. And one of the lessons I have learned is this via the agent that knows how to create the most demand for your home. If I need you to create demand in this market, no question there's only one real estate agent I trust if I needed to sell my home.

I'm talking about Sloan of Sloan Realty Group. He services the entire Myrtle Beach area, attracts hundreds of buyers every week and sells a home on average every twenty four hours. That helps you generate multiple offers and sell your home for the most money possible, because it's like getting an immediate offer on your home because it doesn't sell for the price of that one. You agree to have it both for cash offers to find out how much demand your can command.

Right now, all the agent that creates the most demand. Blake's Sloan today at April eight sold. That's able to be sold online at Blake Sloan Dotcom as Blake Sloan Dotcom. Hi. I'm talking to some of the most money shop agent with a marketing strategy that's been the most advanced online partner willing to put their money on the line I items I would hire from this international market. So much so it would be too late for my partner.

I just go online your soul, and find out what the interest rates are looking like in just a second, how much money they can cost you if you don't do it right right now. Let's find out what the market is looking like and get an update on that. What are you seeing? So got the brand new market numbers in the last month, and they're very, very, very good, super hot month last month from September's numbers. The one thing we remember, if you listen to the show, while we really cover two main things, one, what's happening behind us, a.k.a., what's the overall market numbers that come out each month since covid-19 started, we really started digging into Washington Weekly.

How many properties are going under contract? That's important because it helps us to understand what's happening in real time. Remember, it was like six hundred plus a week. There was one in a contract and a whole MLS once covid happened in the lockdown's happened, it went down to three hundreds per week, basically three or four properties going to contract per week all the way back up. We saw that trend up tremendously last week. Show what last month or so is in the eight hundred's the high seven hundred.

We have seen roughly about two hundred million a week on our contract in our entire MLS with all companies. And so we've been tracking that last week show is 801 properties under contract the previous seven days this week though. Interesting. Six hundred seventy four and so only 670 for contract. You kind of see that shift, right. We'd be coming to that shoulder season. The window's closing a little bit. One hundred eighty two million three hundred ninety nine thousand five hundred sixty seven dollars under contract in the last seven days.

And so about ten of those a million dollars plus. And what that means is slightly less right. Eight hundred one four six seventy four in one week period. And so we have seen a slight slowdown of just the pace of what's happening has been chaos for the past few months, especially through September. And so it's interesting to watch because when we've gotten our clients right, I don't know what's happening real time. Sometimes it can hurt you making decisions based on data from thirty days ago versus right now, real time.

And so we use that in Dolin. But so great, great news if you're looking at the rearview mirror, so to speak, last week's last month's numbers. So how September fared overall in the overall marketplace for single families, resale homes, massive, massive jump with the biggest ones. I have seen sales last month of thirty one point six percent from the same month last year. And so huge jump my team myself, we've all been running ragged like crazy, pushing, burning the candle at both ends because it's been quiet.

We talked about that perfect storm, right? Interest rates scraping all time lows. We have people moving in from up north who are just very, very just angry about the government lockdown, fearful of covid-19 in the high, densely populated metropolitan areas. And so we see a moving down here to work remotely, people who are retiring three to four or five years out, retiring now. And so we've seen a huge rush in the past few months. And it really goes into account last month for sure.

So single family homes sales up thirty one point six percent, six hundred fifty eight, which is interesting, obviously, to look at where you go last year. There's only five hundred sales in September. Twenty nineteen now sales price up twelve percent, which is also basically kind of a new high there for median a very long time. Two hundred seventy thousand right now for the median sales price in our MLS, you'll get average numbers of seventeen percent huge jumps.

You got thirty percent increase plus in sales, a seventeen percent increase in the amount of values on the average sale price. That's a lot of extra equity for a lot of sellers. Right. Right now, three point forty seven, six or six. Now, I think that might be an all time high that we've seen here, even I guess going over the two thousand six, five, six, seven market as well. So of 70 percent, which is also now one of the craziest things we've seen has to do with inventory.

We've set a new record of inventory this month, the lowest I've seen it since we've been tracking it is two point six months. What's that mean is that it's not. So it's a fifty percent decrease. And so if you want to see what's happening, let's talk about a perfect storm, a 30 percent plus increase in sales, right? Seventeen percent increase in price. And what's driving that is the amount of homes on the market. And this really is a crisis for us here because a healthy market, usually between four and six months inventory write anything that's below six months is what they call a seller's market.

Anything above six months is a buyer's market. What does the month thing me? Well, that means if there's hypothetically not one single new listing put on the market at the current pace, it would take two point six months to sell out everything. Right. And so that's crazy, looking at a 50 percent drop from the same month last year. And so what does that mean? We need inventories. The inventory crisis is a great time for anyone to be able to take advantage of that.

If your homes are wasat, there's massive amounts of buyers who are motivated, who are coming into town and there's not much competition. And you can see the pressure is on prices. We've seen probably those prices will be higher if it wasn't for appraisals that are living, allow that because there just hasn't been data in the rearview mirror to justify some the prices. You're seeing that being brought back down, which is great because it kind of keeps the market healthy as well.

So great news there overall, that aspect. And so that's one thing. If you look at the amount of showings per listing, they're up sixty three point four percent last month. So this is crazy. So if you look at the same data in September of twenty nineteen versus September twenty twenty showings, the amount of people looking at homes was up sixty three point four percent. And so crazy, crazy numbers there are we're seeing I do think we'll see at levels that a little bit people tend to get that we call it holiday brain starting soon with every person we talk to on the biocides, the first of the year saw the first year.

So we usually see that between Thanksgiving and the first, although I will say we talked about my team this week, some of the biggest months we've had in history have been December. A lot of you got to get deals done by the year they're moving by the end of the year. There's tax incentives for people doing that. And so you will see a lot of stuff. It's a different bipartite. We've seen a lot of people who have kids who have had kids.

They went back to school, a virtual school are not in town buying what we call the shoulder seasons. Usually seen little more people a little more established. They can come with the more flexible. And so there's another wave of buyers coming in now. So great, great news. The single family market, huge heard about that 30 plus percent increase in the amount of sales, 17 percent increase in price and a 50 percent drop in the amount of properties for sale.

You can probably see my problem. Anyone you know, you talk to your friend, relative and uncle say, look, here's the deal. You probably get a lot more money for your property. You think you can and you need to call loan because we have massive amounts of buyers that we're trying to find properties for right now. And you kind of see what's happened in that regard. Looking at new construction has been great on the data here. He's not exactly fully accurate because a lot of the big national homebuilders just don't report to MLS.

I'll kind of give you the overall breakdown of prices. Prices, actually, new construction only up one point six percent last month, two hundred eighty six thousand three and twenty for the month of supply, though, also down. That's why I was trying to get to is down twenty eight point twenty eight percent at three point six months inventory. And so what's the hardest part of market right now is definitely resale homes that are obviously single family in that aspect and so into condos and townhomes, closed deals last month up 20 percent, which is awesome news.

Five hundred thirty nine condo sales for resale condos, MLS last month alone. Prices, check this out. Average price, Riccardo's last month of twenty two percent. So huge jump there. They actually are out pacing homes last month. We have not seen that for a while. Condos were lagging behind. For example, we are selling homes within a couple hours. Sometimes condos would take a little bit longer, but we're seeing that catch up now as sales have skyrocketed.

Again, the average price up twenty two percent last month alone. Condo inventory also down sixteen percent. Also kind of in crisis mode, only four point two months, inventory in condos. And so, again, they've been playing playing catch up since the covid lockdown happened. We couldn't literally get people in the condos to see them because the front desk had a building's locked down. So awesome, awesome news. They're overall the same thing. You look in their showings for condos up thirty eight point nine percent.

And so this is only the first couple of days of the month. Usually, if you remember previous shows, this is real time data. So it's still waiting a lot of agents to put deals in that may have closed last week or so. And so I do foresee these numbers getting a little bit higher, a little bit better for next week's show. But I want to just to get you all the data in real time. So what does it mean overall?

We're super, super hot right now. I do think we'll see it cool off just a slight amount going into the winter months here. But still, if you're thinking about selling, there's no telling what's going to happen in next year. Right. With interest rates, people settling in with coffee, with the presidency, all this stuff. And so if I'm a seller, what I'm thinking right now is how do I strike while the iron is hot?

How do I strike what things are super hot while there's many buyers coming in town? And that's one thing I sure my team I said, look, here's the deal. People are moving right now because there's pain, there's pain. Baccalauréat frustration with government or obviously fear of covid-19 in metropolitan areas. They're making decisions earlier. And so there will be a point where a lot of those have already moved and you're going to see that window closed a little bit.

And so if you're a seller, think about that strike while the iron is hot. If you want to know more about it, we're finding that certain neighborhoods are getting a whole lot more money than other neighborhoods. And we found a lot of people are leaving money on the table by underpricing your property. Don't be that person. Reach out and get a professional basically analysis because we're so deep in this. So like I said, twenty plus properties under contract in a seven day period.

We have a very, very, very good handle on what's happening. Most agents are MLS, so basically about four homes a year. And so it's very tough to have a true gauge on the pace of what's going on if they're not heavily involved in that. So reach out. Call me eight four three eight eight sold for sure. One thing that's driving these has been interest rates, scrapping all time lows. Last week's show with three point zero two percent.

Right now, we're pretty close. It's been going back and forth. We're at three point zero four percent earlier this week, though, is at two point ninety eight. And so it's been teeter tottering right in that back and forth. And so I still see below. We've seen a lot of challenges in both appraisals being backed up. Not no wise, but sometimes dealers take a little bit longer to close. So what you usually get done 30 days is taking 45 to 60 because everyone's so backed up.

Because also you got to think about a lot of people are doing refinances right now with interest rates being so low with. Also require a appraisal in a closing, and so that's one thing that we're seeing here, a lot of people still move 15 year fixed rate right now, two point six two percent, which is crazy low FHA loan. This still kind of blows me away. A two point three eight percent right now for an FHA loan, which is as little as three percent down a jumbo loan, three point thirty eight percent in a five year gross rate mortgage right now, two point seven two point seventy seven percent.

And so bottom line is interest rates still super low is a massive, massive amounts of buyers coming into play on our team this week. And a couple from up north missed out multiple properties. He went Amelio. They found what they liked in the same building, went did a video tour, locked it up, coming in, sale two days to actually see it. But they wrote the offer for every saying, you know, we're seeing a lot of that right now.

And the bottom line is you can see the problem with sales massively up, inventory down 50 percent. We need homes to sell. And so anyone, you know, friends, relatives, anybody think about selling, reach out, call me. You can probably get more than you think you can afford three A2A.

So that's definitely the number to call your home buyers. And we'll be looking at what's going on as far as some the great success story. Hopefully we don't have too many horror stories, but we might from time to time the success on whatever it is, I can get a phone call eight one three eight four three eight zero eight as well. The dotcom wake, dotcom, Luvox, how we look at our time like twenty two and or something.

When I was in on one of the award for ACM Song of the Year and it struck a chord with folks about how cold is too hot bars and success stories.

So out of. You're not happy with the story. That's why I can tell you that it's a whole different level. Listen, Blake is so confident his ability to sell your home quickly and the more money that you can use to buy it and sell it, you're moving on to provide your family a stress free home sales on Blake's online.

Or you can call him and make a three way so and is sort of his real estate show along with Blake Sloan coming up in just a second. Some success stories about what's going on. But Blake and his team working with a ridiculous amount of homebuyers looking for homes and mortgage area. You just heard a second ago that inventory is almost nonexistent. So if you even think of selling and you rent the range anywhere from one hundred fifty thousand to three point five million on your home, like immediately at eight four three eight sold eight four three eight zero eight as well.

The fifty eight thousand eight hundred twelve. That's the number of people who are currently online with its website looking for homes in the Myrtle Beach area. There are a lot of eyes looking and looking for your home. Yes. And like they mentioned, these are separate people. Fifty thousand plus seven people. Those are username, password, account. They log in and so they're from all over. People ask me about times that, hey, look what makes you different.

Anybody else in the reality is we outspend the average agent, each one from marketing standpoint, we saw massive, massive amounts of money, online driving traffic on the buyer's side for buyers to come in all across the United States and even internationally. And so that's a tool we have where I'm already marketing for buyers. Before you ever call me to sell your property versus waiting till that starts to start the ball rolling. And so it gives our client a huge advantage.

If you're back on the covid-19 started, I said, look, I'm not falling off my foot off the pedal. We have massive amounts of hours and our struggle is we have 50 percent less homes to sell with a lot more buyers. And so you can see my challenge right now. These are real people. George Bruckmann, senior, he's from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He just came on the cytometer. Seven digits. Twenty five properties looking to buy down here as well.

We have Victoria Bracken. She's from Crystal Lake, Illinois. She came from our online buyer paid traffic where I spend money for paper. Click Right. I've been here a lot. She got seventy two favorites right now that she's looking at. I also got Bruce Kreutzer from kindergarten. Florida came from our traffic there has every sale price for fifteen thousand eighty three visits and we got all over again. Allerton from Myrtle Beach here. I got Lori Smith from New York, New York.

I got Deborah from Lexy, North Carolina. The reality is these are real people. I don't read this all to you because these are people, anybody that sits down with us, we show them and you can see real time who's searching, where they're going, what they're doing. It blows everyone's mind. Even people that are real estate agents from other areas. We sit down and show what what what we do and it blows your mind. And so if you need if you know anyone, the reason we share this is we need inventory.

We are real people, real buyers and 50 percent less homes for sale. And so I need analysts to show being advocate. Put my number in your phone for three Atabay. So give us your friends relatives. Drag them down to the office if you have to, because it's amazing opportunity right now. Prices up 17 percent, inventory down 50 percent. That's a great opportunity for anyone thinking about selling. Or also, if you get your house in the market one year, two years ago, now's the time to strike.

Like I said, with iron's hot and so super proud of my team. And we got a couple minutes left right now. I want to get to a couple of success stories. Our team's been absolutely crushing it. Here's a one that's awesome, Samantha. She's been trying to sell her house and market, calling for more common for six months when the average real estate agent had no look, only empty promises, massive frustration. She recently bought a new home need to sell her.

Still, the cool part is we just sold her neighbor's home. Her neighbor referred to us as the only group we came in identify. The problem is marketing, exposure, design. Samantha Ackerson, plan, Lasarte, Globe marketing, professional photos, virtual reality to wardrobe, massive traffic just a couple of weeks out offer for 98 percent of asking price. Now she's able to move on with maximum equity. Another cool story. I was personally involved in this one, Mary and Bobby.

They had a second home, the river. They called me actually from West Virginia and they just didn't use any more, weren't to sell. They referred to us by someone else I sold something to. Here's the thing which you call it. You want to get a hundred sixty thousand for the property. So, OK, I'll look it up. I'm like, man, we can get you easily in the 180s. And she she was ecstatic, but the same time didn't necessarily believe it.

I sent the cops to break down. We listed their design costs, a marketing plan, logical marketing blitz, had massive traffic had under contract just a few weeks, almost twenty thousand dollars more than she thought she could initially get. And here's the thing. If she would have called us right, the reality is she could have gone with someone else who just took that information from the market at one sixty. And here's the thing. There wasn't necessarily constant data.

So we get that. Yeah, I just had a feel based on how fast things are moving that we get that. There and so awesome, awesome thing there, two quick things on our side, and this is a testament to our bar team met our by experts. He had a client named Kelly and she'd been working with him since January. She was not able to get qualified initially because some debt to income stuff helps her get that figured out.

Just put her in a contract for her dream property. Only five minutes to the beach, everything approved, ready to go. And now she's going to be owning for less than it calls her to rent before, which is super cool. And this example to all sonatine of experiences are they look for investment condo Oceanview for several months it was so hot they kept getting beat out over and over. They feel the right one. He went over there, did instant video to film the condo under contract twenty four hours and beat everyone else to it.

And so bottom line is, you need experience right now. You need training right now because the market is so hot in a way chaotic. Make sure you don't leave on the table. That's the one thing you taught your friends at a virtual outing or whatever it is. Say, look, here's the deal. Don't leave money on the table. Reach out. Call Blake Sloan eight four three eight eight sold for sure in the last thirty seconds.

Yes, we still need people on the team because obviously we have massive emails from all over the country. Are we looking for a players? If you're a hustler, you want to give a high level of service to your clients and are committed to what you do. Reach out to me. We're always grow and looking to do that. And you call the office or just Google us and go right to our website as well.

All right. Sounds good. If you have any questions like that is on the control group, remember, you're in the right place. Look for that Google and you'll find it if you just want to go for three feet away. So that's kind of easy. Yes. Or three eight as you can go online to, lifelong dotcom to find out more information and get it all right. Because you want to get in touch with him. Like, thanks for everything.

Yes, sir. Thank you. All right. It is the expert advantage real estate show with loans selling your home doesn't have to be filled with drama or having to pay fees that your friend Sean Hannity here to tell you as an active investor, I firmly believe in working with the smartest local agents who sell homes with high volume. Prepare your home.

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