Myrtle Beach Real Estate Radio Show With Blake Sloan 01-22-2021

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Sellers Do Not Let These "Friendly" Investors Steal Your Hard Earned Equity! The Market Is So Hot Right Now. Learn How To Get All Of Your Equity! 

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It's time for the expert on debt and real estate with the real estate agent, not only on the Grand Strand of the world, but featured in four magazines, The Wall Street Journal and many other publications. And now the expert on that is a big show coming up in just a second. What are you going to do in just about any time, actually growing number of realty group, if you'd like to call it a four three eight eight four three zero eight.

Well, the Formula One dotcom links dotcom show is over the next 30 minutes. That contact information several times, but pay attention next time right now. The show started here. Yes.

Good morning, everyone. A sighting, actually, they mentioned Hugh Show being the craziest Januaries ever experienced in real estate so far. I mean, massive sales, over two hundred million dollars in real estate where the contract the last seven days, which is insane for those show numbers that happen in June or July last year. You know, like that's typical for a lot of times. We'll talk about that. This is a forty fifth straight edition, the Cove 19 coronavirus craziness, and really want to give you updates and data so you can really make the best decisions regarding real estate in your life and your assets and really just kind of give you some information of what's happening out there.

And that aspect will really take a quick look at the real time market numbers for anyone that missed last week's show, kind of having the real time update of just everything going on last month, figure up stuff into superstrong or 20 percent increase in sales, which is amazing for looking at a December month. January has been even hotter. We'll talk about that recap of the 20 20 market for anyone that missed that really quick. And that's one thing to there's big time news nationally as well as local.

Big news. Last May just came out this past week. Home sales reached the highest levels in 14 years across the country. And we'll talk about why that is and what's going on there. We'll also talk about the biggest elephant in the room that we're seeing right now, which is inventory. Inventory across the entire country is down right now, which is crazy. And so that's one of the things that we're seeing. We're one of the recent headlines that came out nationally was low housing supply makes history.

And so this is also happening, right? We got the hottest real estate market in 14 years, lowest amount of homes for sale in history. And so we're also had been scraping some all time low and interest rates so low out of right now, it's crazy. And you want to make sure you're making the best decisions. We'll talk about that. Let's have the interest rates. Some good news, interest rates last week, which is amazing. And overall, we have some amazing, amazing success stories to one of which I'm really proud to share and something that's really kind of, I guess I can say right now what is going on here.

Something's been bugging me where you hear all these things lately about these friendly real estate investors and all these real estate investors will do this for you. Well, the success story have all those from the real estate investors try to from my client over twenty thousand dollars, way less than what he could have got for his house. And thankfully, thankfully, he was referred to us and came to us, I hope, put twenty more thousand dollars in his pocket in less than twenty four hours.

And so we're sure about that and our success story. But anyone out there you're seeing everywhere in the mailers and people on the radio and here's a thing, do not let some so-called friendly investor take advantage and steal your hard earned equity. We'll talk about that right now, because the market so, so hot, that expertise, that extra little bit makes a big difference right now. Absolutely. All right, then. We're just getting started on The Today show.

And you've gotten in here a great time because a lot of great information to get to. It doesn't matter. But if you don't know who you're listening to right now, if you don't know who that is or what that means is being called the real estate with that Forbes magazine, Wall Street Journal, Real Time magazine and other publications, maybe you've seen it on TV, on NBC or on the morning show, the virtual endorsements on this very radio station.

You've heard over time from Sean Hannity that Gary Labonte, Barbara Corcoran and others put all together is unprecedented. Blake also has trademarked systems to help home buyers and sellers in their efforts. Can't give you all the secrets on the air here because, well, their secrets will share them to you if you get together with them. But in the meantime, the biggest part of the business. Yes. And to build on the back of that PSA there, I mean, that's really the why behind what we do, what we do with the show.

Right. There's just so much out there. And really with the market being so hot right now, there's just so much at stake regarding your largest assets. Right. Most people, the real estate's one of the largest assets they have. And so it's so important to make sure it's handled correctly that you do not allow someone to steal your equity or more importantly, leave that equity on the table. And so it happens so, so much. And so the reality is everyone usually makes this huge, huge mistake, no matter how sophisticated they are.

Many houses they sold. I see it happen all the time. The mistake they make is thinking that all real estate agents are the same. Could not be further the truth. Just like any doctor, any lawyer, you're charged with a crime you did not commit. You want the absolute best person who specializes in that type of law. Who has experience and it's the same exact thing, you want your deal, your largest asset, not someone who's part time who just dabbles in it here and there.

Right. That's what sets you up for failure. And so the reality is the single most important variable that determines your failure or success as a home seller comes down to one thing, one thing only. That thing is the agent you choose, period. That's it. Nothing else. Right? They think the wall color of the grass is not. That is the agent you choose. Specifically, how does that agent execute? Right. And so when you're selling a house, there's one hundred and eighteen different variables from A to Z of each one to correctly.

Guess what that does puts in your pocket. The property gets sold, anything is handled incorrectly, a.k.a. they drop the ball at any point or they don't execute at any point that cost you your hard earned equity or what happens. A lot of times the property does not sell. One of our success stories this week, same exact thing. Property set the market over six months, only had two showings. We came in immediately identify what the problems were in regards to how it was marketed.

And these could be any variables, right? From the quality, your photos, the order of your photos. Does the agent answer the telephone when someone calls him off the for sale sign? If they do, how long does it take them to call back a web online? There's all these things that play a part of this that must be managed and executed to make sure that your property gets stolen. So what we did what makes us different is I design a system that's proven repeatable, that takes every one of those variables.

And reverse engineer is basically from from A to Z to create maximum leverage. And every single point we call it stacking the dominos. So we create leverage point at point, one last point to point to. And over time it creates a massive gap and a competitive advantage for our client. Right. Just like a marathon, we look at selling your house as a marathon. Everyone takes off at the shotgun start. Everyone looks are cool together. But over time, what happens is everyone spreads out right.

And some are finished two and three hours ahead. Other people, it's the same exact thing that we do with your home. But this is more important because we're bringing along your hard earned equity. Longer it takes, the less you're going to get. Right. And so with that regard, it's called the guaranteed toll system, the only proven themselves twice as fast and for up to twenty percent more money than traditional methods. And it works very, very, very well.

Right. And so that's something that I designed. We licensed to other ages, other parts of the country. But it's exclusive to us here, meaning no one else has it because I designed it that way. Right. And so on the flip side of that, there's one hundred plus variables for buyers and it's the same type process. Right. The agent you have matters. Are you getting the properties that you want? Are you getting access to them or are they negotiating on your behalf the right way?

Are you paying too much? There's all these things that can happen if you don't have a true expert. And so we did the same exact things. One hundred plus variables. We have a system that's proven repeatable, that creates maximum leverage, every single point to give you a competitive advantage. So that's called the unfair advantage. Home buying system. You probably access to foreclosure, distressed sales, desperate sellers, the absolute best negotiation and purchase price also through home inspection.

It's a get you all the way to the closing table, right? You'll save the most amount of money. And so we share that because it's just so important right now with the pace of the market. We're seeing buyers miss out on properties over and over and over on the buy side because they're not being advised correctly. We see sellers who are selling a property for way too cheap right now and leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table by not having a system like our guaranteed total system in place.

All right. We're just getting started. I'll tell you one thing we're looking hard to find here where you are. In addition to that, where the range looking like right now, more money in your pocket, less money in your pocket on how you utilize it if you need it. More information, please feel free to go it. The slow realty group is paid for three days, eight sold eight four three eight zero eight sold or go online to play slow, slow dotcom.

Hey, if you were in the market to make the most money of your home and here was an important advice. Look, I'm an active investor. I have bought and sold a lot of properties in cold, moderate markets. And one of the lessons I have learned is this via the agent that knows how to create the most demand for your home. Now, if I needed to create demand in this market, no question there's only one real estate agent I trust that I need to sell my home.

I'm talking about slowing the flow realty group services. The entire Myrtle Beach area attracts hundreds of buyers every week and sells a home on average every twenty four hours. I hope you generate multiple offers and build your home for the most money possible. It's like getting an immediate offer on your home. Your home doesn't sell for the price of the deadline. You agree to have a responsibility. Find out how much demand your home they have right now. All the demand for today will be sold and be sold online.

It won't comment. Dotcom. Hi, I'm going to sell my house online. Shopping online aren't really on the line. I don't know, I. So I trust your soul is an advantage real estate show with.

We'll find out what the rates are looking like right now, but right now we'll find out what's happening with the real estate market on the latest on that man on fire. We understand right now it's crazy for Jan, right? We're just I mean, and just I'll give you a real time data of what's happening right now, because that's what matters most, like what's happening today, this week, not last month. Right. Which is how most of the data is processed.

Remember when we started this show, I was forty five weeks ago with Korona. It was crazy. And so I switched this way of like, how do we track real time so you all can know what's happening? And so we were doing that. And if you if you look at this every seven days, there's about five hundred properties going to contract. Then during covid locked down, went down to three hundred, then got back to four hundred and five hundred and six hundred and seven hundred.

And at the peak of last year it was between seven and eight hundred properties per week going into contract here in our little local area, the grand stretch from all the way up a little bit. So North Carolina shore down all the way inland. And so the whole area. Right, our entire malls. And so in the peak, the hottest times the market last year is about eight hundred homes per week. Going on a contract. Some weeks are a little bit higher, some a little bit lower.

And so right now, real time, the last seven days, seven hundred and eighty nine properties went under contract in January, which is insanity, right? It's absolute insanity right now. Look at the total volume, two hundred twenty one thousand three hundred twenty twenty one million. We are ninety six thousand two hundred ninety five dollars under contract in seven days. And so we're seeing a lot of that mail at fourteen properties right now, 15 properties, over a million dollars just in the last seven days under contract.

And so that just goes to show we're seeing summertime numbers right now because people are moving so much. It's really crazy. And so that's something just to think about where this is not your normal. You're right. What's going to happen to my good friends in Wilmington, who's one of the top agents? Wilmington, a buddy, Blake Grigore. And he was talking about what they're seeing. There is inventory so low, less than one month of inventory.

We're at two months here that people aren't even moving because they can't find anything to buy. So they won't say what they have. And it creates this double edged sword where people are kind of in this gridlock. And so that's something you want to think about going forward here. But massive, massive numbers, like I said, seven hundred eighty nine properties under contract the last seven days, which is unfathomable for January. Again, I told my team this morning, those are numbers you see in June, July, August.

And so that's a good thing for now, in my opinion. I think we'll see inventory continue to dwindle down and it will harm those sales a little bit, maybe take price, which is good. But really quick for anyone that missed last week's numbers to look at what's the rearview mirror look like for actual numbers in December, December's numbers for resale homes absolutely huge of twenty seven point seven percent, with six hundred forty six homes close last month, which is also in great numbers there.

If you look at median sales price of fifteen point two percent last month alone at two hundred sixty nine thousand, which is great, average price is actually even better of twenty three point four percent last month for average sale price. Huge jump. We're seeing three or forty thousand nine hundred and seventy four is the average sale price right now for Alice. I mean, that's just insanity. We were looking back to like twenty eighteen. It was to forty four.

So one hundred thousand dollars more equity for the average homeowner than there was in January. Twenty eighteen. So I think we'll see prices continue to rise. The challenge will be inventory and we'll kind of put a little bit of gridlock on there. But it's chaos right now in regards to what's happening. If you don't have an agent who's on top of this stuff, who knows is who not only knows the numbers, what's in the middle of experiencing it, the reality is they're going to be wanting to say, well, I think Alex, my team sent me a number earlier, I'll put up real time right now.

But he said our team's been averaging nineteen a week under contract that we're been selling just for our little team ourself. And so that's super, super hot for January into condos. Condos are doing awesome, too. If you look at condos. And actually let me go back to something. I really skip this important inventory right now for single family homes in our area is fifty one point two percent from the same place last year. So you got to think sales up twenty seven percent, inventories down fifty one percent.

Where do you think pressure is going to be? Pressure is going to be on price. We all know it's supply and demand driven. The lagging indicator is always price. And so the next couple of months are key right now to be able to cash in on that while there is a huge influx of people still moving down here. We'll talk about that and actually forgot to mention that in the show intro. This is one of the coolest things. We'll talk about the top ten relocating states.

From people who are relocating or count them head out last week, show agenda did not have time to get to it, but that's something that's interesting for sure. I'll give you a guess where most of coming from right up north, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Ohio, all those are states will dig into where they're coming from and what their number is. Now, one thing is important to look at been talking about this is buyer traffic last month.

And that's why we're seeing such crazy sales numbers right now to share with you a couple weeks ago what buyer traffic was and what it is, is the data that we tracked real time for showings of how many buyers are looking at actual listings. Right. When you open the door, there's an electronic lock box. It tracks when they go in, when they come out, how many minutes are inside of it. And so it's really important data to look at how many showings you're seeing.

ACBAR traffic now looking at last month's numbers for single family resale homes showing for buyer traffic was up eighty three point nine percent. I think how many thousands? About five thousand properties in the market with every type property. That's a lot of properties being looked at by buyers who are coming on sale right now. So if you're a seller, right, you want to make sure that you drive will take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot.

What people are still moving in there is the case I think will run into this year is the case of affordability. We're already seeing a lot of people who were trying to buy houses are now priced out of those houses, especially my team is really, really identify this and really kind of helped a lot of our non-local clients who were retirees with a lot of retirees who have been looking for years in our database and searching, and they've been wanting to come down to what's happened.

They waited so long that they're being priced out of the market. And so no longer can they have a single family home they're looking at now to switch to a condo. Now, that condo they have is going to be little bit further inland. And so if you think about making that move yourself right, the dream home, whatever it may be, now is a great time to take advantage of that cash out in your equity. What interest rates are still low and take advantage of that as well.

So fantastic. Fantastic news overall for resale homes in the condos. The same thing here. This is going back to what I was just talking about, condo sales last month of forty point seven percent, or the highest I've ever seen it since we had the ability to track it. A forty point seven percent increase in condos are usually almost always behind single families because that was just what's been driving demand. What we've seen happen is the inventory dried up for houses.

Now they're having to switch to condos and many buyers have been priced out of being able to buy single family homes in our area. And that's what to switch to condos. And so if you have either one of those, take advantage of this gold rush now. Right. We're able to take advantage of that opportunity. If you look at sales, prices for condos obviously are price for condos last month of eleven point five percent, which is amazing, one hundred eighty nine thousand five hundred and seventy eight dollars.

Great, great numbers there. Median price for condos up 15 percent at one hundred fifty six thousand overall. So great, great opportunities for both of those buyer traffic. Also for condos up forty four percent. If you see what's happening, the main difference between this market here in the market, two thousand five twenty six thousand seven, which I was involved in, is these are driven by single family homes where people are relocating second homes. Back then, there was just based on speculation, right?

We take a condo, we sell it, we put it back on the market with fifty thousand dollars more and we sell it. That was obviously unsustainable here. I think it's great news. We're seeing just different people relocate through this. And we'll talk about what's driving that here in a few minutes. In our next segment that just talked about a Wall Street Journal article that just talks about the combination of ultra low interest rates, the covid lockdown's the ability to work from home is really have a lot of people move and think about where they really want to be.

Right. Can only be locked down into a house in Michigan so long before you go crazy. I had a friend of mine reach out to me this week. Who? A broker up there. We Maslamani, he's like, dude, I got to get the heck out of here. This is terrible, you know? And so a lot of people are thinking that same exact way. And so great news there. One thing driving this interest rates.

Right. We scraped all time low of interest rates seven times last year. Right now we drop back down. Last week, show is two point eighty eight percent. Right now, a 30 year fixed is two point eighty four percent. Amazing, amazing number there. A fifteen year fixed rate right now, two point three six percent. A thirty year FHA loan right now, two point three four percent. A jumbo loan is three point thirty one percent in a five year rate mortgage right now, two point three two percent.

So money cheap people are moving like crazy. If I just had to say one thing. Right, something that really, really kind of talked about a lot, too, is just make sure you strike without arms. How have you been thinking about selling? You've been watching me listen to this show for a while and you have not called me. Take some time today. Put me on your cell phone for three days or so and call me. Right.

I have buyers were matching what are properties within 30 minutes to an hour. Right? Sometimes takes few hours, sometimes a few days. But it's happening based on property type. And we're getting our home sellers a lot more money. Right. Than they think they could. And even in many cases that other agents told them to get because the agent is not in debt and does not have the data to advise him. The right ways, you won't know more about that, reach out, call me a four three eight.

Oh, wait, so no matter what you're doing right now, it's not like you're thinking about it. Eight four three eight zero eight. So get in touch with Sloane Realty Group. And coming up in just a minute. We have your hot fliers alert. We're also going to find out some of the great success stories that this team has been working with and working on here recently has to get for free.

Either way, we're going to get to the box of your rescue plan, how we look at our out when I'm OK. Perfect. Thank you. Folks who understand the challenges that life for men. That happens when it comes time. So if you're moving on, your real estate agent will make some of your home stress free agents out of the contract if you're not happy with the service. That's why I can tell you that really on a whole different level, Allison Blake is so confident in its ability to sell your home quickly.

And the more money that he to sell, you buy and sell if you're moving on to provide free home field advantage, real estate show with if you like to get to the place, you can aim for three feet away. So right now, if your home buyers, older Blake and his team working with just a ridiculous amount of home buyers who are looking for a in the mortgage area anywhere from fifty thousand to three point five million. So if you're in that range, big range.

But if you think of the selling contact, like immediately that same number eight four three eight. Oh, wait, so how many people are looking for homes? Lots of people in the 60 right here. Thirty five. That's the actual round number of how many people are on a website like this that people just want to buy. These are people who are actually actively looking for the early Teria. Yes. Sixty thousand plus active people on my site that we acquire, that we pay for that are searching in there from all over.

And looking back now, it's forty five weeks ago, the covid stuff went crazy and started having the lockdown's right. And I was scared and I said on this show, I said, you know what, I'm doubling down on advertising. I'm not going to pull back. I'm not going to stop the advertising online and drive in traffic. And guess what? Our Barlas has grown so much during that. Why most agents running for the hills we double down was a risky.

Yeah, but more importantly, we have the buyers that can help buy your house and people are asking, why should I call you versus anyone else? The reality is I'm spending tens and tens of thousands of dollars every single month driving traffic, getting buyers for your house before you ever even call me Mosad. Just wait. So they get the for sale sign to start trying to do something here. We already have those buyers. We have technology that reverse engineer is the most likely buyer for your property based on the previous search patterns, while most agents still try to figure out Microsoft Outlook.

And so that's the difference that separates the average from the elite right now. And you want to make sure you have that right now. The site we have from all over, like they mentioned from all over the country, international, we have hollowly right now, Myrtle Beach on the site. We have Jamie Kay from Westland, Michigan. On the site, I got Alvis Heyden from Fayetteville, North Carolina. I got Bailly from Agrippa. I got Charline from Newmarket, Maryland.

I got Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brooklyn, New York East. I can't say it. Sarcoptic New York, Waxhaw, North Carolina. The reality is we have the bars, massive mills from all over the country. We can match what's your property within minutes like they mention I'm in a crisis right now, a crisis of inventory. We need property sale. So friend, relative, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandma, if you like them, don't like them.

Have them call us. Right, reach out to us. Do not allow someone to steal your hard earned equity. Right now I'm seeing it happen over and over through these vessels right now. Who I get. You tell Leahy little trigger about that today where people are leaving money on the table. Some delays, some investor who's offering them pennies on the dollar, taking it, taking advantage of you and flipping it for twenty, thirty, forty thousand dollars that you could have gotten if you would just pick up the phone and call me.

And so make sure that you're not falling that trap right now. More importantly, make sure your friends and your loved ones are not falling. They're trapped right now because I'm seeing so many people are doing that. And thankfully, I'll talk about in a second, one of our success stories did not fall in that trap either. But the bottom line is we innovatory. So have anyone you run across and don't let an average agent just put on the market at the wrong price and cost you your hard earned equity and so are really important super quality to our success stories.

Really quick here. This is kind of what have me is, is we just close on this this past week and a big shout to Greg. Greg hit. Amazing. A very, very nice home. In a waterway community that he had rented out for years, but the river left behind his left leg, you can tell him really the runner up building the house, he didn't know I needed some fixing up. He thought. And here's the thing, right?

He was just tired of the house and upkeep. Want to sell it. He had a couple of investors. You actually reached out to the came in and offered him some pretty low numbers. And thankfully, thankfully, thankfully, he was referred to us by someone else. I think a listener on the show who had him call us, he called us, actually got me. I met with him, went to the house and I showed immediately I get him twenty thousand more dollars instead because his problem was to want to.

Lycees, I don't want to lose this thing. I'll have to sit in here. Has to do if you just trust me, I do. Twenty thousand more dollars and we get this thing psaltery ASAP and it worked on the market and he said, You sure. I said yeah. And ironically he hadn't even heard of me before the referral. You didn't see the billboards. You have heard the radio in the TV. He said no. And so thankfully, thankfully he trusted me on it.

We lost our global English professional photos to massive traffic. I had two offers in twenty four hours and got a twenty thousand more dollars than that investor was offering him within one day. And so I'm so proud of that because that's why I do this right. That's the reality of there's people out there right now. They're trying to take advantage of you in a very hot market because you don't know how how hot the market is. And so allow us to do that and help guide you and put that money in your pocket, which is awesome.

And so, again, do not allow an investor steal your equity. Another Coolen, Christine, she had her home for sale. And you're selling very nice house. You're over six months with an agent, did receive any offers, only had two showings the entire six months. The problem was you want to build your home. But she couldn't build a new home, so she sold her Kurume. So thankfully, she knew something had to change. She heard about us from a friend who had sold her house through us.

We came in, identify the problem, marketing, launch a global marketplace, professional photos, virtual reality tour through massive traffic had heard offer immediately eight thousand dollars above asking price, which is super, super awesome as well. And the reality is, how much have I got? A little bit more. OK, I won't give you. I will come back out to more success stories. I'll say that for next week. The top ten relocating states from up north.

We're massively seeing this right now. North Carolina, number one. Twenty two percent, number two, New York, number three, Pennsylvania for New Jersey, Virginia, Florida. Ironically, I think that's the half because they go there, come halfway back because we see it happen a lot. Maryland at seven point one percent, Connecticut, Ohio and Massachusetts. And so we're seeing that happen right now all across the board. And really the biggest reasons are obviously more affordability value, much better average sale price for now, which is awesome.

And low property taxes. Right. We're seeing that. That's one of the biggest things we see. The property taxes are here. Unfortunately, the policies up north are driving people out of there and they're coming here. And we're we're here to help drive that traffic. We target Marlana. So if you want to know more about that, I got the data.

You reach out to me for sure. And that phone number is really good. Remember, it's eight four three eight eight four three eight zero eight as well. How do you write it down? Stick it in your phone. Remember it, get in touch with your phone or go online rather than like, like Sloan Dotcom. They would have been his real estate show was like, yes, sir, I'll be here. I don't to remember give a real zero eight four three getaway as well.

The whole episode with promo or an active disaster agency still holds a high volume variable degree, the most convenient. But it does go on the market to sell to the highest price. And also your life with drama. While you wait for your home to sell, I want to know what's happening. There's only one agent. Hi, Paul. I'm talking about Blake Sloan of Sloan Realty Group. Every single day on average, he sells multiple homes and attract new homes.

We get early access to great moments before they hit the market. We have so many buyers. He allows you to establish a deadline at a price acceptable to you. That deadline passes and your home is not sold. You don't buy your home and even give you the freedom to get out of your contract. That's not going to happen. Believe in this market the same way. Agent hyperbole from Blake Sloan today completely sold off line of rings. What's up, Albert?

Lot, how are you doing? See you guys next week.

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